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Improve your position: Mindful Riding on 23 February 2018 at 19:00

Limited to 12 spaces

11 space(s) still available

Mother and daughter team brings you this mindful riding workshop incorporating Yoga for Riders.

Off balance, sitting wonky and crooked, leaning forward waiting for something to happen, back pain, stiff shoulders, shortness of breath, tight hips? All or any of the above?

These are just some of the issues we have a new angle on helping you to solve.

Specifically designed to help you sit inside the horse's movement so that you feel like you're part of the horse.

Helping you break down and isolate mind to body connection using simple and small adjustments to take your position and your riding to the next level

You don't need to be flexible and you don't need to be a certain level. Each person during the workshop will be individually guided and taught techniques to empower them.

Leave your horse at home for this one! Just bring yourself.

Sue Edwards - 3* International Event rider and British Eventing International Coach, has teamed up with daughter, Nicole Windley - Yoga Teacher, obsessed with anatomy and how to unlock our bodies to support them fully, Mindfulness and Confidence coach as well as experienced rider in her own right.

Do you feel like you're not doing things well enough for your horse? Learn to feel like you're enough without obsessing over being perfect.

Do you feel like an idiot that you're having problems? You're not an idiot, you're normal with the same issues as the next person. And you are enough!

Have you got to a point with your position and physically not sure where to go next to unlock your body and your horse so that you can unlock your potential.

Want to build a better partnership with your horse so that both you, and he, feels more confident?

In this fun, lighthearted workshop (without your horse) you'll take part in fun simulations and simple exercises to identify where you can start to ride with more awareness, connection and isolation to specific parts of your body.

You'll take away with you a personalised plan to put into action to start making manageable, but positive changes immediately.

£30 per person - don't bring your horse as it's upstairs - you just need to bring a good attitude and a bit of fun.

securely using PayPal to reserve your place.

Please contact Nicole on 07900005952, or at to find out more or to book in for this event.

Please be sure you have read our terms and conditions before booking.

Introduction to Yoga for Beginners 6 Week Course on 05 March 2018 at 18:00

Limited to 12 spaces

8 space(s) still available

Everyone is different and that's a great thing. So whatever shape, size or ability you are, if you've never done Yoga before this six week course is perfect for you. We will start right at the beginning, and you will feel supported and encouraged.

You'll finish each session, with more knowledge and more calmness and at the end of the course feel stronger and more flexible.

securely using PayPal to reserve your place.

Please contact Nicole on 07900005952, or at to find out more or to book in for this event.

Please be sure you have read our terms and conditions before booking.

Yoga (& So Much More) For Weight Loss on 06 April 2018 at 19:00

Limited to 8 spaces

8 space(s) still available

Yoga for Weight loss

Starts on Friday 6th April at 7pm 3 month transformation course including 20 hours face to face comprising of 10 two hour sessions

This is not a lose weight quick program, this is a course to give you tools to transform habits around food and exercise so that you can make manageable changes which enable you to lose weight.

Yoga means “union,” and yoga’s ultimate goal is self-realisation, union and a true connection with ourselves. The resolutions we make from a place of already being good enough, will be more realistic and more achievable and also more short term.

So much goes into losing weight, especially if you’re stuck in the cycle of promising yourself you’ll make changes that you don’t make, or at least not for long.

This course incorporates Yoga in the sense of Yoga poses, suitable for complete beginners, as well as Yoga in the wider sense of self awareness when it comes to our food addictions and our procrastination habits around a healthy level of exercise, as well as time management and prioritising.

You’ll receive guidance and options as to what foods might be right for you, with the understanding that everyone is different and this is about so much more than losing weight, this is about creating a sustainable lifestyle change with weight loss as just one part of this.

3 month course


  • Your own personal journal to log your progress and challenges along the way, which you’ll bring to each session.
  • Personalised nutrition plan that’s right for
  • Individual guidance throughout in a supportive and lighthearted environment
  • Education and meditation around addictions to habits, to create new neural pathways
  • A complete introduction to Yoga followed by the best poses, and way to practise for boosting metabolism, toning up and ultimately losing weight
  • A gentle introduction to mindful walking and running intervals
  • How to reduce stress in your life and manage your time more effectively
  • Dedicated private Facebook group for accountability and support throughout

8 places available.

Payment in full in advance is for the discounted price of £185 or alternatively you may spread the cost with a deposit of £75 and two further installments of £75.


Pay securely using PayPal to reserve your place.

Please contact Nicole on 07900005952, on Facebook or at to book in for this class.
Please be sure you have read our terms and conditions before booking.